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Sexology Counseling for Men, Women and Couples

Clinically trained, Gabriela brings thought provoking, mentally stimulating questions to her clients. It is her sincere desire to facilitate in a safe, discreet environment  where you, her client, may speak freely and with an open mind. As such, there is a  limitless opportunity of an existence based on simplistic values which bare no discord by the weighty issue of inhibitions.

"Through generations, we carry and trudge through the daily meir, carrying baggage of a predetermined evolution snaring our own sexual propensities. Often thoughts of intimacy become nothing more than an internal  moral compass, as we experience guilt for the "taboo" inclinations of our own personal sexual pleasures. We must be given or taught the tools to relinquish toxic thought processes... sex is not an issue of ethical turpitude, it is a gift to be cherished, endeavored, celebrated and patiently nurtured." 


Redefine, Reclaim and Re-establish...

Through practice and patience, together we can put finality to destructive behaviors due to unresolved issues, or matters of the heart. This enabling more room to enjoy the positive flow of inertia resulting from eventual healing of old (or new), emotional or spiritual wounds. ie.,  Divorce, Loss, Grief, PTSD, situational ED, etc... 

Let us then commit to becoming and living as the people we are truly designed to be; To loving one another a little more; to nurturing ourselves as well as our sexual selves to the best of our abilities; to not give up too easily, to find time to pray, and to become enlightened through the discipline of self, and an unrelenting desire to continue seeking the truth; to continue to honestly look toward the simple beauty of communication and reciprocity in our everyday relationships.

 Finally friends, might we treat ourselves with the utmost of care, balance, respect and dignity and appreciate that most of us have far more than we ever wanted, but sadly, a large portion of us do not readily want that which we have. Together we can change these dynamics... 

My Services are Tantra Based

The simple truth is that I love what I do. I get the absolute joy of facilitating and being  part of another human's happiness and learning, maybe for the first time, about genuine sensuality through the incredible practice of Tantra bodywork. Focusing on the senses that we have been given, my clients journey with me on an adventure of unadulterated sight, taste, sound, fervent sensual touch,  and oftentimes guided intuitive endeavors. 

My sessions are generally Tantra bodywork with a strong emphasis on the emotional factors which lead to mis-communication bearing weight on ones ability to a place of intimacy. Breathing, and relaxation are also part the process. I also work on therapeutic cognitive processing during our sessions and am a true believer in meditation, yoga and pilates. Stretching out and even walking or taking a run prior to a session is not out of the ordinary. Each client has a different set of needs, therefore no two sessions are identical. Please join me an adventure to self..

I sincerely thank you for taking your time this day 

to read and research on the subject of Tantric massage, intimacy surrogacy and sensual healing." I do hope we meet while trudging the road to a happy destiny."

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~Today is the day to learn through honesty and self awareness to communicate intimately with yourself as well as with another~

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